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Le Vin Sobre, restaurant in the 5th arrondissement in Paris

A local restaurant that you shouldn’t miss.

The area around Val de Grace isn’t really where people flock to, which is a shame because on the rue Saint Jacques there’s a little restaurant that’s got a real buzz going (at lunchtime it’s probably wise to reserve). The Vin Sobre gets its name from a Rhone valley wine, and the restaurant’s wine list is very good (ask the owner for help when choosing; he’ll be happy to oblige).

The staff is pleasant, helpful and proficient enough to notice when you need more bread or something else. Our favourite spot is the round table near the bar!

The food? Simple, with all-fresh produce. The first courses are often inventive and tasty (ah, the pumpkin soup with honey!). There’s always at least one fish dish on the menu (which changes every day depending on what’s good at the market). Expect a lot of calories and generous use of olive oil.

As for the meat, there’s a good roast chicken, beef stew, tender steak… and the accompaniments are rich: a succulent “gratin dauphinois”, vegetable pan-fried with olive oil, homemade mashed potatoe… or you could try a selection of sliced meats with cheese, or just a selection of cheeses (yes, the cheese is always excellent. Don’t miss the wonderfully creamy Saint Marcellin!).

And the desserts? Better keep a little room for them as they’re homemade, and the perfect way to finish the meal. How about an apple crumble caramelised just right? Or thinly-sliced pineapple carpaccio with a tropical juice sauce? Or oven-baked figs with some Beaujolais?

Expect to pay around 100 euros for two people, including wine. Perhaps a little dear for everyday eating, but definitely a restaurant we’ll be going back to. There’s also a seafood stall outside from Friday to Sunday which prepares the fantastic seafood platters!

Le Vin Sobre also is lucky enough to have a sunny terrace from 10am, making it ideal for coffee in the morning!

Le Vin Sobre
25 rue Feuillantines 75005 Paris
Tel: 01 43 29 00 23
Open every day, serving mornings, lunchtime and for dinner