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Harvesting the honey of our bees of the Eiffel Park Hotel!

After the marriage between the Eiffel Park Hotel and our beehives, the Hotels Paris Rive Gauche group is having a honeymoon with the bees!

To keep us strong and healthy, our two beekeepers have everything prepared; Armand offers us some honey wine, while Michele helps us soak it up with her special gingerbread. It’s such a pleasure to get something back from one’s work! And it is in this festive and poetic state that we celebrated the honey harvest from the beehives on the roof of the Eiffel Park Hotel!

We took our organisational cue from these very sociable insects, carefully and precisely giving out the tasks to make sure the honey harvest went well.

Making sure everyone is fed, we have Sapidus, our tasty sponsor for this event, whose buffet of traditional products was washed down with some unusual natural drinks (we won’t forget the vine peach juice for a while), and chocolate-covered raisins soaked in Sauterne wine…

In the role of nectar gatherers: our guests for the celebration. Journalists (thanks for coming), our customers and the whole Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche staff! Not a drop was wasted…

Taking the place of the builder bees, our two beekeepers, Armand and Michèle, to whom we send our deepest affection. They are so kind so share their passion with us, and handle everything with such calm and knowledge.

So was it a good harvest? Um, yes, we’d have to say, our fingers still sticky with honey. Our three hives produced 130kg of honey, quite enough to give our hotel guests a tasty treat.

And if we were expert honey-tasters, we would tell you that ours has a mix of tastes from all the Paris flowers and a light minty touch from the linden tree blossom. Plus, of course, as strong taste of “eat some more”!