The Hotels Paris Rive Gauche group visit the Quai Branly Museum, otherwise known as the Musée des Arts Primitifs, in Paris

Wanderings between the statues, totem poles, masks and costumes from far away lands.

You have to be patient to get in this museum because of the huge queues, but it is well worth it once inside.

Armed with our cameras, we started to take some photos in order to share our experience with you, but were immediately stopped by the guards. “Photography is not allowed’. So we snapped as well as we could without getting caught!

Because of its location, the museum allows you to see the Eiffel Tower from all sorts of angles.

The museum has a playful and interactive approach: films, sounds and information posts all help flesh out the experience.

Each bow contains costumes and works of art. The different styles of presentation help keep you interest during the visit.

The museum also has temporary exhibitions on particular themes, such as “What is a body?”

We think you’ll need a day to check everything out properly

For further information, go to the official site of the Musée du Quai Branly:
Musée Quai Branly

A photo galery (chut !!!) By Morgane Com et Bart Omeo and JasonW :

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