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Paris in Colour – a new photo exhibition at Hotel de Ville

To mark the 100th anniversary of colour photography, this exhibition show a selection of over 300 photos of our lovely city…

The Lumière brothers first invented a colour photographic process (‘autochromes’) in 1907, yet it is rare to see colour photography from that early era. Of course Paris was an instant inspiration to many, and this new exhibition at the Hotel de Ville shows many photos that have never been seen before.

Split into three sections, the first – from 1907 to 1930 – shows the first autochromes, many of which were commissioned by Albert Kahn, a rich altruistic banker whose garden and museum can be visited on the outskirts of Paris (recommended).

The 2nd part of the exhibition – from 1930 to 1960 – has the first colour film photography of the city, with photos of the war, the occupation and the liberation of Paris.

The last part of the exhibition looks at the period from 1960 to the present day, with artistic photos from people such as Peter Lindbergh (see the image below, taken from the official catalogue), Pierre & Gilles, William Klein, Helmut Newton and Martin Parr.

Being used to black and white historic photos of Paris, it will be fascinating to see the city of that era in colour. Best of all, the exhibition is free free free! Definitely not to be missed.

Here’s all the essential information for the exhibition “Paris in Colour”

When: 4th December 2007 – 31st March 2008
Where: salle Saint-Jean de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris 4th arrondissement (just opposite the BHV store), metro Hôtel de Ville (lines 1 & 11)
Opening hours: 10am to 7pm every day except Sundays and public holidays
How much: free free free!
Bigger map here