The decoration of the old Hôtel Ferrandi Saint Germain entrusted to Anne Gelbard

In June we told you about the closure of the Hôtel Ferrandi St Germain for a long stretch of remodelling. We’re now happy to announce that 2010 will see the hotel reborn with a new name and four stars instead of three.

photos (except where indicated): JasonW

Corinne Moncelli, the hotel’s owner, has decided to give a new life to this establishment by telling the story, or rather stories, of a historical figure who was a symbol of beauty, intelligence, finesse and wisdom. Over the coming months we will be giving you some clues that may help you to guess which character will be giving his/her name to the new hotel…

We have also previously told you how much we love the work of Anne Gelbard. Corinne Moncelli has thus decided to allow Anne to conceive the interior decoration for the project. Together – with the invaluable aid of our architect Vincent Bastie – the two are currently working close together, dreaming up the wonders that you’ll find in the future hotel: the colours, furniture, lighting, floors, walls, bathrooms, rooms, lounge… Everything, absolutely everything, is being thought about, studied, discussed, suggested, discussed, thought about… 😉

The idea is to offer a refined environment that successfully marries a certain classicism with a modern edge, noble raw materials and the latest technology, design and comfort… A lot of questioning, research and discussion is currently going on to get the best result.

We’d like to show you a few images of the initial directions decided for the colours and materials.

photo : Julien Clapot

More news on the project soon!

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