Free music festival in front of Hôtel de Ville
as part of Paris Plages 2010

Sand by the Seine and eight days of free concerts, with all styles on offer and a mini-rave to finish it all off!

photo by tendencies used under cc licence

Paris Plage – as you probably know – is four weeks with no traffic along part of the Seine and tons of sand brought in to make temporary beaches. But there’s a lot more going on than that, like the Indétendances music festival, sponsored by the FNAC chain of multimedia stores.

Every Friday and Saturday from 23rd July – 14th August 2010, starting at 5pm, four different acts will be playing on the stage erected in front of Hôtel de Ville, right in the centre of town. For free! Although non-French speakers may not know (or understand) many of the groups on offer, some of you may have heard of Tricky or Uffie, and music is the ultimate universal language, right? 😉

Those who like their music with (a lot) more energy, should note that the final night is a house-techno affair, with local stars Danton Eeprom and Chloé helping you to move your body.

Another reason to come down to our urban beach this summer!

The FNAC Indétendances Festival 2010 is at Hôtel de Ville (here) every Friday and Saturday from 23rd July – 14th August 2010. Concerts start at 5pm and continue all evening. And it’s free!

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