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Photography and La Belle Juliette

As you know already, the Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche love photography (and we show it, through our photo project PHPA, l’Hôtel Design Sorbonne with its various photo exhibitions on each floor…) and our new hotel La Belle Juliette is no exception to the rule. Contemporary photography is very present in the salons, and (thanks to Juliette’s influence) the upstairs floors are all curated by women…Marie Maurel du MailléWalking around and through the Hôtel La Belle Juliette should be a pleasure for the senses; Juliette was a patron of the arts, and we too try to encourage artists that we appreciate. As soon as you enter the first of our salons – the Salon des Voyageurs – you’ll see several photos. Two are by Patrick Tourneboeuf, who looked after our PHPA Carte Blanche in 2010, and who has just released a great new book, Monumental. One of the photos show the old Hôtel Ferrandi (now, of course, Hôtel La Belle Juliette!)Patrick TourneboeufPatrick TourneboeufThe photo in the corner of the salon is by Guillaume Amat, winner of our 2010 PHPA prize. It’s difficult to know what the bust of Juliette thinks of it, but I like to think she’s smiling…Guillaume AmatIn the Talma restaurant, Ellen Usdin displays two painted photos opposite each other at the far ends of the room, showing a surprising side to Juliette and René.Ellen UsdinEllen UsdinIf you go upstairs, you’ll discover a different artist on each floor, with large-scale works from each. On the first floor, Marie Maurel du Maillé shows the mysterious and secret side of Juliette’s life (her photo is at the top of this page).

On the second floor, Sabrina Biancuzzi has dreamt up a postcard that Juliette could have sent back during her voyages in Italy…Sabrina BiancuzziOn the third floor, you’ll see something a little out of the ordinary; little boxes devised by Valentine Fournier, illustrating the thirty year-long love story between Juliette and René. Will you be able to work out what’s happening in each scene?Valentine FournierOn the top floor ‘les Causeries’, a beautiful woman awaits; this photo by Angela Svoronou shows a pensive but serene Juliette, a woman forever harassed by lovers by still very much attached to her freedom.Angela SvoronouAnd now that you’re on the top floor, maybe you’d like to go back down via our rather lovely staircase?  We’ll be showing you that very soon… 😉