Carte Blanche PHPA 2010 – Patrick Tourneboeuf
“In the décor, monumental”

Last day of our retrospective of the cartes blanches from previous years the start of our 2011 PHPA exhibition.

In 2010, Patrick Tourneboeuf created a series of monumental photos for the PHPA carte blanche that we had blown up huuuuuuge. One giant one was even displayed on the façade of the Théâtre de l’Odéon!In the décor, monumentalStaged once again at the Théâtre de l’Odéon (just next to the Jardin de l’Odéon), the fourth PHPA exhibition displayed not only the work by the twelve photographers up for the PHPA prize, but also gave a large amount of room to the grand photos by Patrick Tourneboeuf; they coudl be seen on the façade, in the hallway of the theatre, in a side salon and had a whole room to themselves on the top floor.

Patrick visited all our hotels, and the two sites belonging to the Theatre, with some amazing results…In the décor, monumentalIn the décor, monumentalThe inauguration attracted a crowd, to such an extent that lines formed outside the theatre on the Place de l’Odéon. Julien Taylor, who was the official ‘paparazzi’ for the launch night, made a little one-minute film that lets you see a little of what was going on that night…

Julien also took some great portrait shots that you can see here.

The other success of the evening was the self-portrait photo studio, where you could take your own photo in front of a backdrop, then have it printed out straight away, and go home with a souvenir of your evening! Thanks to a few glasses of champagne, the photos got more and more out of hand as the evening wore on…And if think those are shocking, you should have a look at the full gallery (227 shots!) here.

Thanks it looks like fun? Well, you can do the same at our inauguration this Saturday. It’s free, so don’t miss it!

To see the rest of Patrick Tourneboeuf’s photos from the 2010 PHPA carte blanche, click play on the slideshow below. See you on Saturday to discover this year’s special project (and rather good it is too!).