The Xmas 2012 window displays at Galeries Lafayette

It’s Xmas of the Century (apparently) at Galeries Lafayette, which seems to mean having your tree sponsored by Swarowski and your window displays sponsored by Vuitton and Disney!

We went down to take some photos and see whether it’s really magical or simply cynical…

photos: JasonW

It’s an annual tradition for many families to come and see the animated window displays in the Paris department stores, but this year there are going to be a lot of crying infants along boulevard Haussmann – there are practically no toys on show, and little movement to be seen in the windows at all. It’s a massive change from the displays we have in the past few years, bursting at the seams with crazy toys.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the current economic crisis, although how that makes luxury brand Louis Vuitton a good choice of sponsor is a little puzzling. Let’s hope that a rich someone is going to splash out nonetheless…Our favourites would have to be the chic penguins. Even the dog with gold headphones can’t compete…For the kids (and, let’s face it, mostly the girls) the Disney princess displays (all five of them) are hidden down the side of the main building, but they’re not animated at all. It’s slightly disappointing.To check out all our photos of the Xmas 2012 window displays at Galeries Lafayette, click the play button on th slideshow below, then click the four little arrows to go into fullscreen mode.

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