The 2016 Christmas decorations at the
Hôtel Design Sorbonne

It’s Christmas at the Hotel Design Sorbonne, with not only Christmas decorations but also a special offer giving you the lowest price in the internet (guaranteed), free breakfast and even a present in your room!

Here’s all the info.

Hôtel Design Sorbonne *** Paris
photos: JasonW

The Hotel Design Sorbonne has a lot of character with its designer interiors and unbeatable view of the Sorbonne University (especially if you choose one of the spacious rooms on the top floor).

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, its bright colour scheme is even cheerier at Christmas time, although we do try to do things tastefully and a little different, like the three Christmas trees in the entrance to the building, standing there, naked (as it were)…
Hôtel Design Sorbonne *** ParisHôtel Design Sorbonne *** Paris
…while behind the front desk, three other trees slowly change colour, festively.
Hôtel Design Sorbonne *** ParisHôtel Design Sorbonne *** ParisHôtel Design Sorbonne *** Paris
And who would have thought it! Father Christmas himself (or at least a very cute miniature version) is waiting for you in the breakfast room – also open during the day for a hot drink and some of our lovely homemade cake!
Hôtel Design Sorbonne *** ParisHôtel Design Sorbonne *** Paris
And even once Christmas is behind us, our cosy fireplace is the perfect place to relax and chat, or just fall asleep in our comfy sofas!
Hôtel Design Sorbonne *** Paris

To book your room for Xmas or new year, click here.

And to see all our photos of the Christmas decorations at the Design Sorbonne, click here.





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