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Two exhibitions about 18th century art
at the Petit Palais from 21st March 2017

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The biggest private American collection of French drawings is being shown at the Petit Palais, with 200 paintings, sculptures and drawings. At the same time, a second exhibition – Le Baroque des Lumières – offers for the first time an incredible selection of 200 paintings from Parisian churches.

Here’s all the info.

The Petit Palais – one of the most beautiful museums in Paris – is spoiling us with two excellent new exhibitions.

From Watteau to David, the Horvitz Collection unveils rarely seen French drawings dating from the 18th century, rarely seen because they come from a private American collection. Elegantly laid out, they are being shown in fifteen themed sections arranged chronologically.

A few paintings (historical, landscapes…) are also on show, and hardcore fans will no doubt go cray for the thick catalogue, with 680 pages and 725 illustrations (for 65€)!

There are also conferences, baroque concerts, engraving workshops (with or without poetry) and guided visits.
Exposition De Watteau à David, la Collection Horvitz au Petit Palais, ParisLe Baroque des Lumières – 18th century Masterpieces from Parisian Churches is perhaps even more extraordinary.

Displayed in a recreated church setting, you’ll be able to see numerous impressive paintings, many of them surprisingly large, that have benefitted from an unprecedented restoration campaign. The pieces come not only from churches, but also museum such as the Louvre and Château de Versailles.

With three major themes – religious decor, iconography of the saints and the restoration of the paintings – you’ll be able to see one painting in a poor state but part-way through its restoration, in order to judge the difference between before and after.

The museum also has suggestions for churches to visit and a list of works to see there (for example, near our hotels at Saint-Sulpice and Saint-Thomas-Aquin), a cycle of conferences and films, workshops, guided visits and – of course – a hefty catalogue (368 pages, 210 illustrations, 50€ here at
Exposition Le Baroque des Lumières - Chefs-d'œuvre des églises parisiennes au XVIIIe siècle au Petit Palais, ParisThe exhibitions De Watteau à David, la Collection Horvitz and Le Baroque des Lumières – Chefs-d’œuvre des églises parisiennes au XVIIIe siècle are at the Petit Palais (here) until 9th and 16th July 2017 respectively.

Closed Mondays and certain public holidays

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm (9pm Fridays)

Admission: 10€ / 7€ (Horvitz) and 11€ / 8€ (Lumières)

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