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The Bon Marché department store (and others) now open Sundays!

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This might not sound like a big deal to anyone outside of France, but many of our guests are genuinely surprised to learn that much of Paris is shut on a Sunday. Ooh là là!

Well, we’re glad to announce that things are changing! The Left Bank is now almost as lively on a Sunday as any other day, and your Paris shopping trip has just become a lot easier, because all the department stores (bar one) are now open Sundays, especially our favourite (because it’s super close to our hotels) – Le Bon Marché !

The store (here) is now open every Sunday from 11am to 8pm, an hour more than all the others. To get the most from your Sunday shopping, you better stay at our hotels!
Le Bon Marché ouvert le dimancheLe Bon Marché ouvert le dimanche

As for the others, the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann (here) opens from 11am-7pm, as does the BHV Marais (here).
Les Galeries Lafayette Haussmann ouvertes le dimancheLes Galeries Lafayette Haussmann ouvertes le dimancheLe BHV Marais Paris ouvert le dimancheJust one store is still resisting – le Printemps Haussmann (here), but even they should cave soon and open from 11am to 7pm like their next-door neighbour.
Printemps Haussmann bientôt ouvert le dimancheFor more info on each store, click their logo or the links below.

Happy shopping!

Le Bon Marché – Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Les Galeries Lafayette – Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Le BHV Marais – Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Le Printemps Haussmann – Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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