More pages from the Hôtel des Grands Hommes guestbook

After the amazing and touching story of the guestbook from the Hôtel des Grands Hommes (1946-1957) with a selection of pages, and then last month’s additional selection we now have some more of the book’s kind words and photos to show you.

On 21st July , Grace A. Church wrote a few words and quoted Le Lac, a poem by French writer Alphonse de Lamartine, saying that she wished time could have stopped during her stay at the hotel 😀

We’ll never know why there’s a portrait of French academic Émile Ripert at the bottom of the page though…

The quotes continue with some choice lines from Shakespeare’s Richard II, and some more from the beloved metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell, contributed by Josephine Murray and Patricia Rowe on 9th August 1947.
William Armstrong probably checked out of the hotel on 9th October 1947, leaving his address and even his photo so that he wouldn’t be forgotten.

Other guests from Chicago and Minneapolis say that they loved every minute at the hotel, and that the hospitality was matched only by the great food!

Fae Johnson from Minnesota starts her page-long list of thanks with “My dearest French mother” and says that she hopes to return “with the play in which I am the star, and the best actress in the world”! She signs off with “Believe me, I will never forget you”.

To read all these touching words (and more), click the fullscreen button at the bottom right corner of the image below.

We’ll be showing you some more pages in a few weeks’ time!