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Quartier du Livre festival, 17th-24th May 2017 and Portraits d’écrivains exhibition, 10th-30th May 2017

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The 5th arrondissement is once again celebrating literature and books with Quartier du Livre, a literary festival for which the Hôtel des Grands Hommes is a partner.

There’s also a book-related photo exhibition called Portraits d’écrivains which is being presented at the same time very close to all our hotels!

Here’s all the info.
Festival Quartier du Livre du 17 au 24 mai 2017 et Portraits d'écrivains du 10 au 30 mai 2017French author Delphine de Vigan is the sponsor of this 3rd edition of Quartier du Livre, which includes conferences, a sale of both modern and vintage books, events in the street, round tables, jumble sales, workshops (including one taking place at the local MacDonald’s!) and much more.

There are also six different literary walks to do, and two literary prizes being awarded – the Books prize for Best foreign essay, and the Modern History Book prize for the Latin Quarter (whose winner gets to spend a free night at the Hôtel des Grands Hommes!

All the info on the numerous events can be found here.
Festival Quartier du Livre du 17 au 24 mai 2017 et Portraits d'écrivains du 10 au 30 mai 2017At the same time as the festival, our neighbour the town hall for the fifth arrondissement is organising an exhibition called Portraits d’écrivains (portraits of writers) with unseen photos by Hannah Assouline.

There’s even a second exhibition – Quand peinture rime avec lecture – to see at the ‘Bibliothèque pour Tous Bernardins’ (here), with paintings from the librarians themselves.

The Quartier du Livre festival runs from 17th-24th May 2017 and the Portraits d’écrivains exhibition from 10th-30th May 2017




Rendez-vous devant la Mairie du Ve pour découvrir les bâches QdL !

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