Now you can buy a Parisian love lock
at an auction!

Now that’s what we call upcycling for a cause! The love locks left on our city’s bridges by tourists (now removed) are being displayed before being auctioned off for charity on Saturday!

Prices range from 200€ to 8,000€! 😯

Here’s all the info.

Offrez-vous un cadenas d'amour parisien aux enchères !
© François Grunberg / Mairie de Paris

We love having people visit Paris of course, but some fads are better than others, and adding hundred of thousands of so-called ‘love locks’ to our beautiful bridges wasn’t the most aesthetic craze, you have to admit.

Near Notre-Dame, the Pont de l’Archevêché had all but disappeared after being covered in padlocks était. The Pont des Arts near the Louvre was in a similar state…

Offrez-vous un cadenas d'amour parisien aux enchères !
photo : JasonW

The weight of these padlocks started to pose a real problem to the metallic structure of the bridges, not to mention the fact that they were not particularly beautiful to look at, and blocked the view of the river. In the end, the city council had to act, and the original metal grilles were removed and replaced with added sheets of plexiglas to stop the lock from coming back.
Offrez-vous un cadenas d'amour parisien aux enchères !Now, some of the padlocks removed from the Pont des Arts are going to be auctioned off (on Saturday 13th May 2017, at 3pm) with the proceeds going to three charities: SolipamEmmaüs Solidarité and The Salvation Army.

The showing and auction are both at the Crédit Municipal de Paris (here) – showings continue on 12th May from 10am-6pm and 13th May from 10am-1pm, followed by the auction (with fifteen whole grilles and 150 selected locks) just afterwards on Saturday at 3pm.

The lots of padlocks should cost between 150€ and 200€, mais a whole grille will probably set you back 8,000€! You have been warned.
Offrez-vous un cadenas d'amour parisien aux enchères !For more info about the auction (in French), click here, and to check out the catalogue of lots, simple click the fullscreen button at the bottom right of the image below.