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The 2017 summer sales in Paris, 28th June – 8th August

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Get ready for six weeks of unbeatable bargains in the 2017 Paris summer sales!

our hotels are perfectly situated for your cut-price shopping, with the Bon Marché department store nearby (open from 9am-8.45pm on Wednesday 28th June) and loads of designer boutiques in the neighbourhood, including Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix.

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Soldes - Galeries Lafayette HaussmannThis is the moment to get the most out of the Paris sales, and for the first time since new legislation was introduced, all the big department stores will be open every Sunday during the sales period.

The sales last six weeks, and this summer they start on Wednesday 28th June, finishing on Tuesday 8th August.

The laws requires that reduced price items must have been in stock at least a month before the sales start (shops can’t ship items in specially in order to sell them cut price) and this is the only time of year (apart from the winter sales of course) when items can be sold at a loss.

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The sales are also a bit like a game of poker –
some items will sell out quickly, but if you wait a week or so there’s always a second reduction and sometimes even a third a week later. Guessing the best moment to make your purchase is part of the thrill!

Wait, and you could either find yourself with an incredible bargain, or left empty-handed…

As we mentioned, the Bon Marché department store will be open from 9am on the first day of the sales, and Galeries Lafayette has gone even further, opening at 8am! A little bird tells us that the Printemps store just next door will do the same.

And for the first time, all the major department stores will be open on Sunday (possible a good way of beating the crowds). Good luck finding that bargain!

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