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Fnac Live Festival at Hôtel de Ville
6th-8th July 2017

Art and Culture

France equivalent of Virgin Megastore or HMV (although they’ve all closed haven’t they?) has a great free music festival about to happen in the centre of town – The Fnac Live Festival runs for three days with nearly thirty concerts of mostly French known acts and actually some pretty big names (although they may not mean much to you) including Julien Doré, Camille, Benjamin Biolay, Cassius, Julien Clerc

And it’s really not far from our hotels! Here’s all the info.

Festival Fnac Live à l'Hôtel de Ville du 6 au 8 juillet 2017

With nearly 30 artists live on two stages and an entrance fee of zero euros, the Fnac Live Festival at Hôtel de Ville is well worth checking out.

Open from 5pm-midnight every day from 6th-8th July 2017, each evening starts with a curated playlist from an indy label and ends with everyone cheering and sweaty (of course). You might like to have a listen to this Deezer playlist to get an idea of the mood…

Everything will be happening on the main stage in front of Hotel de Ville, except for a handful of concerts that are invite only – if you want to attend those, you’ll have to go to a Fnac store in Paris at midday on 6th July and see if you can get a free ticket.

And the full programme (PDF), can be found here.
Festival Fnac Live à l'Hôtel de Ville du 6 au 8 juillet 2017The festival also has two large bars and a host of food trucks if you’re feeling hungry.

Another idea might be to go down to the nearby banks of the Seine and try one of the many cafés and restaurants there.

And there’s a way you can see the concert even if you don’t go down there. The Culturebox website will be showing all the concerts live. They’ll also be available to view for a while after the event.
Festival Fnac Live à l'Hôtel de Ville du 6 au 8 juillet 2017The Fnac Live Festival is in front of Hôtel de Ville (here) from 6th-8th July 2017

Open from 5pm-midnight each day






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