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Martin Essl Le Château Rouge exhibition
at la Belle Juliette until 30th September 2017

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For the summer exhibition at the Hôtel and Spa la Belle Juliette, the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff has chosen to present a selection of photos from the series Le Château Rouge by Austrian artist Martin Essl.

Born in 1982, Essl published his first book, Le Château Rouge N°1, in July 2015, the result of three years of work.

The title refers to a Parisian metro station, but that’s just the starting point for a fiction, a voyage across Paris and elsewhere, with the aim of capturing images of everyday life with particular colours and light.
Martin Essl <em>Le Château Rouge exhibition at Belle Juliette until 30th September 2017Each photo is a poem with sharp, bright colours that illuminate the banality of the city, a woman’s body, part of the sky or the front of a bus.

The photographer offers us a poetic wandering with a different approach to our daily environment, inviting us to open our minds to the beauty of the world.

The exhibition is free of course, and the terrace and garden of the Clos Belle Juliette await you afterwards for a refreshing drink or a chic snack from our delicious menu!

The Martin Essl exhibition Le Château Rouge is at the Hôtel & Spa La Belle Juliette (here) until 30th September 2017

Free! Open every day from 11am-10pm




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