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The 2017 firemen’s balls for Bastille Day!
13th & 14 July in Paris

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At last! The Paris firemen have finally released the official list of firemen’s balls happening on 13th & 14th July 2017 in Paris.

On Thursday 13th July there are nine ball on the Right Bank and five balls on the Left Bank, and on Friday 14th July there are just six balls (three on each side of the river).

We’ve prepared a map with all the balls, the opening hours and how to get there. Click here for all the info!

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The 14th July in Paris wouldn’t be the same without all the firemen’s balls happening around town. It’s a unique piece of fun, especially because the style of music (and sometimes even a show) is completely outdated and… nobody cares!

Think of it more as a chance to slurp champagne, dance to Technotronic and rub shoulders with some slightly tipsy military personnel.

Although there are technically balls on both nights, the main event is definitely 13th July, the day before our national holiday. On the 13th (confusingly), fourteen balls are on offer in Paris.

Let’s first take a look at those not far from our hotels

Here are the venues and dates for the Left Bank:

Les Arènes de Lutèce, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Colombier, 13th & 14th July, 9pm-4am
Port-Royal, 13th & 14th July, 9pm-4am
Masséna, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Grenelle, 13th & 14th July, 9pm-4am

And here’s our map for the Left Bank. Click any helmet to see the info for that venue.

Et voici la liste des bals Rive Droite :

Rousseau, 13th & 14th July, 9pm-4am
Sévigné, 13th & 14th July, 9pm-4am
Blanche, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Chaligny, 13th & 14th July, 9pm-4am
Boursault, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Montmartre, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Bitche, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Ménilmontant, 13th July, 9pm-4am
Grand Palais*, 13th July, 7pm-late

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And here’s our map for the Right Bank. Click any helmet to see the info for that venue.

*Le Grand Bal at the Grand Palais isn’t strictly speaking a firemen’s ball, but it’s such a huge event we felt it should be mentioned here.

Dedicated to Pierre Henry who died recently and was due to start the evening off, seven choreographers will be reinterpreting the famous Messe pour le temps présent in hip-hop, African dance, krump and boring old contemporary dance, with the help of over 200 dancers.

Although the ball is free, tickets have all been allocated, although they promise some more will be available a few days before the event. Keep a very close eye on this page if you’re interested!

For more info about the firemen’s balls…

Official Paris firemen website:




Map of the Left Bank balls here

Map of the Right Bank balls here

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