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The Paris Summer Festival of Arts,
17th July – 5th August 2017

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The Festival Paris l’Été (Paris Summer Festival of Arts) is back to keep you stimulated while half the city’s inhabitants have fled to the coast (or further)!

On offer, there’s theatre (in the courtyard of the Louvre, no less), modern dance, special shows for kids and a lot more quality fare…

Here’s all the info.

Even during the summer, Paris is buzzing with so much to do and see.

Thanks to the Festival de l’Eté, you certainly won’t be bored during the next coupe of months. For example, very close to our hotels at the Monfort Theatre (here) there’s:

The Cassandra Syndrome, a show devised by Yann Frisch who plays the clown (but is he really one?) on 20th & 21st July

– A concert by the Miral Duo on 5th August mixing gypsy music, jazz and Sega to create music that defies classification

– Fado swing with TascaBeat do Rasario on the 2nd & 3rd August, an explosive cocktail explosif that proves that fado music can mean fun and dancing

– Magic with Étienne Saglio’s Phantom Project, with a flying creature that ressembles a wandering soul from another world

– A show for kids, The Nightingale, the story of a simple bird who used to sing in the garden of the Emperor of China…

Slightly further afield, on the other side of the Seine at Bercy, there’s theatre and modern circus (including the crazy half-naked acrobats of Bal Trap).

And a little further north, at la Villette, we are qui intrigued by The Ephemeral City, a collaborative work from the mind of Olivier Grossetête that resembles a gigantic sculpture made of cardboard boxes.

Everyone can lend a hand on this extraordinary building site, either to help build the structure (which could get as high as 25 metres) or help destroy it at the end! More info here.

In all, the festival takes place in 25 venues – the Picasso Museum, the courtyard of the Louvre, the Château de Vincennes…

Why not try discovering some new places and some new shows at the same time?!

The Paris l’Été Festival continues in Paris (and the nearby suburbs) until 5th August 2017

Website (all in French):



Festival Paris l'Été du 17 juillet au 5 août 2017

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