Two new exhibitions at the Petit Palais starting 15th September 2017

Deux expositions, The Art of pastel from Degas to Redon and Anders Zorn – Sweden’s Master Painter start 15th September 2017 at the Petit Palais, the former until 8th April 2018, the latter until 17th December 2017.

Here’s all the info.
L'art du pastel de Degas à Redon et Anders Zorn - Le maître de la peinture suédoise au Petit PalaisThe Petit Palais seems to have a soft spot for Scandinavian painters – after an exhibition about Carl Larsson a few years back, now they are hosting a large-scale retrospective of work by Sweden painter Anders Zorn (1860-1920), the first to hit Paris in over a hundred years!

A friend of Spanish painter Sorolla, Zorn was not only a talented painter, but also a successful engraver and brilliant watercolour artist. His representation of water particularly helped to build his fame, and visitors to the exhibition will be able to see works from all periods of his career, thanks to many specially-lent pieces.

In addition to the exhibition, an official catalogue is available (240 pages, 180 illustrations, 35€ here at There’s also a cycle of conferences, films and a free concert (until all the seats are taken) by l’Ensemble 1904 on 10th December at 4pm.

For The Art of pastel from Degas to Redon, the Petit Palais has dipped into its own collection to present 130 pastels that illustrate all the artistic styles popularised in the late 19th century.

Most of the images have never been seen by the public, and even those that have are rarely put on show because of their fragility. At the end of the six month exhibition, they will be going directly back into storage.

Presented in five themed, chronological sections, the exhibition shows how pastels became a form of modernism after their heyday in the 18th century, and works on show include pieces by Renoir, Gauguin and Degas.

The exhibition is also a chance for visitors to get to know the techniques used in pastels, and discover how works on paper are conserved despite their sensitivity to light, something that makes them difficult to put on show for long periods of time.

The exhibition also has its own comprehensive catalogue (276 pages, 220 illustrations, 45€ here at, a cycle of conferences and two free concerts being held on 3rd December and 21st January.
L'art du pastel de Degas à Redon et Anders Zorn - Le maître de la peinture suédoise au Petit Palais
The exhibitions The Art of pastel from Degas to Redon and Anders Zorn – Sweden’s Master Painter are at the Petit Palais (here) until 8th April 2018 and 17th December 2017 respectively

Closed Mondays and some public holidays

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm (9pm Fridays)

Admission: 10€ / 8€ (Pastels) and 11€ / 9€ (Zorn)


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