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Rubens – Royal Portraits exhibition
at the Luxembourg Museum
4th October 2017 – 14th January 2018

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While the work of Peter Paul Rubens explores man subjects, his royal portraits are an essential part of his career. Painting a sovereign – the most prestigious of commissions – is a difficult art where flattering the subject’s sensibilities is as important as remaining faithful and knowing which important codes must be respected.

This new exhibition at the Luxembourg Museum, just a couple of minutes from our hotels, follow’s the painter as he visits the courts of Europe, showing a little-known and rarely seen side to his work.

Here’s all the info.

As a young lad, Rubens worked as a page, and this experience tending to the whims of the rich undoubtedly helped him in his job as a portraitist later on in life – knowing how to talk to kings and queens must have made some sittings a lot simpler.

Together with his incredible skills as a painter, his sense of diplomacy helped him to know how much beautifying a subject would need or accept, which symbols of power should be included in the portrait and the background needed to give the correct amount of gravitas for the subject.

The exhibition amusingly presents several portraits of the same sovereign painted by various rivals of Rubens – in particular Velázquez, Champaigne, Vouet and Van Dyck – so you can make a comparison.
Exposition Rubens, portraits princiers au Musée du Luxembourg du 4 octobre 2017 au 14 janvier 2018In all, the exhibition presents over sixty paintings, with some very special loans such as the only portrait to be painted of Louis XIII in his presence, lent by a museum in Melbourne!

Additional activities organised by the museum include conferences, evening visits with singers (!) and large posters on the railings of the museum with funny stories and anecdotes about Rubens.

A catalogue of the exhibition is also available (240 pages, 175 illustrations, 35€ here at

The exhibition Rubens – Royal Portraits is at the Musée du Luxembourg (here) 4th October 2017 – 14th January 2018

Open every day of the week from 10.30am-7pm (10pm Fridays). Extra late night openings (until 10pm) happening every Monday between 13th November and 18th December

Admission: 12€ / 8,50€

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