Classic car rally in Paris Sunday 7th January 2018

Don’t be surprised if you see hundreds of classic cars going through Paris this weekend – Sunday morning is the 18th ‘Traversée de Paris en Anciennes’, a cross-Paris drive in classic cars that starts and ends at the château de Vincennes.

Here’s all the info.

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The Traversée de Paris en anciennes only happens twice a year, and the 700 cars taking part all date from at least thirty years ago, so it’s quite a sight to behold.

It’a also the biggest collection of classic cars to grace Paris, and this year it should be particularly interesting, as the organisers have requested a large contingent of cars from now-defunct manufacturers, including AJS, Alvis, American LaFrance, Amilcar, De Dion Bouton, Delage, Delahaye, Facel Vega, Innocenti, Matra, Pontiac, Rosengart, Simca, Studebaker, Terrot, Triumph, Turcat-Mery, Willys, Le Zèbre, Zundapp
18ème Traversée de Paris en anciennes dimanche 7 janvier 2018What’s new this year, is that the 28km route (that often passed by our hotels) isn’t being announced in advance. 😕

However, we do know that several Art Déco monuments will be seen by the drivers, so if you’re close to the Grand Rex, the Palais de Tokyo or the Palais de Chaillot on Sunday morning, there’s a high chance you’ll see the spectacle! Just remember to set your alarm clock – the circuit starts off at 8am!

P.S. Even if you don’t manage to see them during the circuit, many of the cars will be on display afterwards at Vincennes until 4pm.

The Traversée de Paris in on Sunday 7th January 2018, starting off from the Esplanade du Château de Vincennes (here) around 8am

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