Ciné Boréal | Short films at the swimming pool,
3rd February at the Butte-aux-Cailles pool

Quirky events in Paris don’t get much quirkier than this – an evening’s showing of short films at an outdoor public swimming pool not far from our hotels, where you can watch from a deckchair or actually in the water, with special extra heating to keep you all toasty!

Here’s all the info and trailers!
Ciné Boréal | Courts métrages à la Piscine samedi 3 février à la Piscine de la Butte aux CaillesThe piscine de la Butte-aux-Cailles, a municipal pool in the southeast of the city, has what they call a bassin nordique, an outdoor pool that has a lot of success during the summer.  Now’s your chance to try it out in February.

On 3rd February 2018, the Silhouette association is organising a evening of short films there, and you can either lie back in a deckchair with a blanket they provide, or stay in the water, which they will be heating extra warm so you don’t get chilly.

Even the selection of films is in harmony with the venue – the theme is water, the Far North, winter and the cold!
Ciné Boréal | Courts métrages à la Piscine samedi 3 février à la Piscine de la Butte aux CaillesHere’s the programme (showings start at 6.15pm):

INUPILUK directed by Sébastien Betbeder

TEN METER TOWER [HOPPTORNET] directed by Maximilien van Aertryck & Axel Danielson

PORT NASTYdirected by Rob Zywietz

WIND directed by Robert Löbel

CAVALIER SEUL directed by Mathilde Delaunay

THE KISS directed by Ashlee Page

DEEP END DANCE directed by Conor Horgan

UM DIA FRIO directed by Claudia Varejão

EN ATTENDANT GODARD directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun

THE EVENING HER MIND JUMPED OUT HER HEAD directed by Kim Noce & Shaun Clark

FEBRUARY directed by Ruslan Magomadov

COLD STAR directed by Kai Stänicke

Ciné Boréal | Courts métrages à la Piscine is at the Piscine de la Butte-aux-Cailles (here) 3rd February 2018

Show starts 6.15pm

Admission: 3.50€ / 2€

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