1,001 Orchids exhibition at the Jardin des Plantes, 8th February – 5th March 2018

Here it comes, the sixth edition of Mille et une Orchidées (1,001 Orchids) at the Jardin des Plantes, super close to our hotels, and this year there a re couple of new elements, like a cascade of Phalaenopsis going down the main rock of the greenhouse, and a sound & light show in the grotto!

Here’s all the info.

Exposition Mille et une Orchidées au Jardin des Plantes du 8 février au 5 mars 2018
© MNHN – Bruno Jay

If you’re a real orchidophile, best run down to the Jardin des Plantes before 5th March 2018.

In addition to the exhibition of Colombian orchids that’s currently on, the 1,001 Orchids event is back, with some exceptional flowers taken from the Paris botanical gardens and others from four big French producers – Ryanne Orchidée, Vacherot & Lecoufle, l’Orchidium and la Cour des Orchidées.
Exposition Mille et une Orchidées au Jardin des Plantes du 8 février au 5 mars 2018You also had better prepare yourself for the son et lumière – called “Lumières d’Orchidées” – in the grotto of the ‘big rock’. Created by artists Claudia Isabel Navas and Ramon Laserna, it uses a series of shadows of Colombian orchids together with special lighting. Sounds… interesting. 🤨

For the second year, there’s also a special boutique (150m²), where you can buy rare orchids, books and magazines.

Also, the Société Française d’Orchidophilie (SFO) and Association Française, Culture et Protection des Orchidées (AFCPO) will be on hand if you have any orchid-related questions.

The exhibition Mille et une Orchidées is in the main greenhouse at the Jardin des Plantes (here) from 8th February – 5th March 2018

Open every day except Tuesdays from 10am-4.45pm

Admission: 7€ / 5€

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