Tintoretto – birth of a genius exhibition
at the Luxembourg Museum
7th March- 1st July 2018

Out of all the painters of the Italian Renaissance, Jacopo Robusti ( Tintoretto), born 500 years ago(!) is probably the most fascinating.

This new exhibition at the Luxembourg Museum, literally a few minutes away from our hotels, focuses on the first fifteen years of his career, a decisive and determining period for the understanding of his character.

Here’s all the info.

Tintoretto’s early years are an interesting subject for an exhibition – the man was fully part of the Venetian tradition but also open to the many artistic forms and ideas from other parts of Italy.

His skills extended to paintings both religious and secular, bog and small, portraits and even ceilings, and the workds on display show this diversity.

The exhibition thus shows how this dyer’s son climbed the ranks of society thanks both to his talent and visual and intellectual culture.
Exposition Tintoret - naissance d'un génie au Musée du Luxembourg du 7 mars au 1 juillet 2018Linked to the exhibition, there are many activities on offer:

– guided visits,
– guided visits for families,
– visit-workshops for kids,
a sketching evening on 3rd April from 6-9pm,
visits with sung accompaniment(!) on 24th May and 5th & 12th June
– a cycle of films at the nearby Trois Luxembourg cinema
– four conferences, and
– a special (free!) evening on 19th May for Museum Night, with “a live musical show with a link to the paintings of Tintoretto”.

Before your visit, why not try out your jigsaw puzzle skills with this online puzzle featuring one of Tintoretto’s paintings? Go on, you know want to. 😛

A catalogue of the exhibition is also available (224 pages, 170 illustrations, 39€ here at amazon.fr).

L’exposition Tintoretto – birth of a genius is at the Luxembourg Museum (here) from 7th March- 1st July 2018

Open Monday-Thursday, 10.30am-6pm, and from 10.30am-7pm Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Admission: 13€ / 9€

Website / Facebook / Twitter / #ExpoTintoret / Instagram

To check out the press release for the exhibition (with some English) simply click the fullscreen button at the bottom of the image below.