Foujita exhibition at the Maillol Museum
7th March-15th July 2018

We love the Roaring Twenties (just take a look at the Hotel Baume if you don’t believe us), so this new exhibition at the Maillol Museum – not far from our hotels – is definitely for us.

Fifty years after the death of the artist Foujita, over a hundred paintings are on show, showing the particular sensibility of a man influenced by two very different cultures (France and Japan), including all his favourite themes – cats, women, self-portraits…

Here’s all the info.

Exposition Foujita : peindre dans les années folles au Musée Maillol du 7 mars au 15 juillet 2018
© Fondation Foujita / ADAGP 2018

Foujita really was in the right place at the right time, although it could be said he helped make the time and place happen. Between 1913 and 1931, the period the exhibition concentrates on, the neighbourhood of Montparnasse was the creative place to be in Paris. It was here, at this time, the the École de Paris mouvement was born, and Foujita was at its heart.

The artist’s work was naturally influenced by this fertile, evolving environment, but his paintings also included a static element of Japanese influence, giving them a very recognisable look.

And the exhibition is a real event, in part because of the sheer number of works on show, borrowed from 45 Japanese, American and European private collections, plus an exceptional couple of large-format diptychs lent by the Conseil Départemental de l’Essonne.

Dating from 1928, and considered by the artist as his best works, they form the heart of the exhibition, showing both the incredible virtuosity of the artist and the impact he had on his era.

A guided visit of the exhibition and workshop for kids is available at 11am every Saturday, where they’ll be able to make their own pop-up card inspired by the artist’s work.

Group visits are available on Sundays at 11am, and a catalogue is also being published (192 pages , 35€), available here at
Exposition Foujita : peindre dans les années folles au Musée Maillol du 7 mars au 15 juillet 2018The exhibition Foujita: Painting in the Roaring Twenties is at the Maillol Museum (here) from 7th March-15th July 2018

Open every day from 10.30am-6.30pm (9.30pm Fridays)

Admission: 13€ / 11€

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