Artists & Robots exhibition at the Grand Palais
5th April – 9th July 2018

The Grand Palais has a new exhibition of immersive, interactives works from thirty-nine artists, created with the aid of robots!

So what happens when human creativity meets intelligent machines? Here’s all the info.

Artists, curious by nature, have always been fascinated by the possibility of pushing art further and finding new means of creating.

The first pieces of art created with help from a machine fo back quite a long way, but technology has advanced so rapidly recently that artists now have a myriad of possibilities that would have been inconceivable only a few years ago.

The exhibition is divided into three part:

The creative machine, with robots at work
Programmed artwork, where the robot becomes invisible and programming / algorithms take over, and
The robot frees itself, where Deep learning makes the robot increasingly intelligent and active (perhaps to such a degree that it could replace the artist?)
Exposition Artistes & robots au Grand Palais du 5 avril au 9 juillet 2018A free app for the exhibition (for iOS & Android) gives you some information on each piece of work, and allows you to watch twenty video of pieces in movement.

However, shell out 2.29€ and you’ll also get access to the audioguide (in English!).

The exhibition has also released what they are calling the first Instagram comic book called “La Relève”. There are nine episodes, each with ten images…

Linked with the exhibition there are also:

– conferences,

– a performance on 7th April at 4pm,

– a special families day on 6th May, including a performance with a dancer and a robot

– a concert with Superpoze and automats for Museum Night on 19th May (9pm & 10.30p – closes at midnight)

– three days of films for the Fête du Cinéma on 1st, 2nd & 4th July

– a showing of five documentaries at the Forum de l’Image in Les Halles…

There’s also a catalogue of the exhibition (224 pages, 200 illustrations, 35€ here at

And this downloadable leaflet (PDF) might help you prepare your visit.
Exposition Artistes & robots au Grand Palais du 5 avril au 9 juillet 2018The exhibition Artists & Robots is at the Grand Palais (here) from 5th April – 9th July 2018

Open every day except Tuesdays from 10am-8pm (10pm Wednesdays)

Admission: 14 € / 10€

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


To check out the press release (with some English), simply click the fullscreen button at the bottom right of the image below.