Rodin and Dance exhibition
at the Rodin Museum, 7th April – 22nd July 2018

The new exhibition at the Rodin Museum – very close to our hotels – focuses on the sculptor’s immense love of dance, with the main attraction being the presentation of his entire series of Mouvements de danse (which were never shown while he was alive), plus fifty drawings, photos…

Here’s all the info.

Exposition Rodin et la danse au Musée Rodin du 7 avril au 22 juillet 2018
© musée Rodin. Photo: C. Baraja

To sculpt is, to a certain degree, bring a feeling of life and movement to something inert. It’s no surprise then that Rodin was so fascinated by dance – during his entire life he always sought to meet dancers, like Isadora Duncan, some Cambodian dancers in Paris for the Exposition universelle, and Hisa Ōta, the Japanese dancer known as Hanako.

At these meetings Rodin drew furiously, later using the drawings to guide him in sculpting, trying to reproduce the suppleness, movement and grace that he found so intriguing. The exhibition shows this through the thirteen clay figures in his Mouvements de danse series, which are rarely shown all together.
Exposition Rodin et la danse au Musée Rodin du 7 avril au 22 juillet 2018Indeed, sculpture and dance seem to have a lot in common. Like clay, the human body is worked and attempts to find new forms, defy the laws of gravity and express the soul’s many passions.

A number of interesting events are planned around the exhibition, including:

– a workshop where you can sketch the dancers of the Royal ballet of Cambodia (13th May from 3-5pm, free but you must book)

– a study day called “Entrez dans la danse” on 25th May, and

– a show by Jordi Gali on 3rd June form 2.30-5.30pm

Other workshops are also available, and a catalogue of the exhibition has just been published (192 pages, 255 illustrations, 35€ here at

Connaissez-vous l’histoire de Rodin avec les danseuses cambodgiennes ? Le 10 juillet 1906, Rodin assiste à une représentation du ballet royal du Cambodge. Extasié devant la beauté de ces danseuses et la nouveauté de leur gestuelle, Rodin va jusqu’à les suivre à Marseille pour pouvoir, jusqu’à leur départ le 20 juillet, les dessiner sans relâche. L’artiste évoque ses impressions : « Ces danses monotones et lentes, qui suivent le rythme d’une musique trépidante, ont une extraordinaire beauté, une beauté parfaite… [Les Cambodgiennes] m’ont appris des mouvements que je n’avais encore rencontrés nulle part… ». Do you know the story of Rodin with cambodian dancers? On 10 July 1906, Rodin attended a performance by a troupe of Cambodian dancers in France. Enthralled by the beauty of these dancers and the novelty of their movements, Rodin followed them to Marseilles to be able to make as many drawings of them as possible before they left the country on 20 July. They made a deep impression on the artist:“There is an extraordinary beauty, a perfect beauty, about these slow, monotonous dances, which follow the pulsating rhythm of the music… [The Cambodians] have taught me movements I had never come across anywhere before…” ☛ Rodin et la danse / Rodin and Dance : 7 avril – 22 juillet / April 7 – July 22 #RodinDanse #Rodin #Danse #Dance #Marseille #Marseilles #Sculpture #MuseeRodin #MuseeRodinParis #RodinMuseum #Cambodge #Cambodia #Photograph #Photo #Exposition #Exhibition

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The exhibition Rodin et la danse is at the Rodin Museum (here) from 7th April – 22nd July 2018

Open every day except Mondays from 10am-6pm. Last entrance 30 minutes before closing

Closed 1st May

Admission: 10€ / 7€

Ticket for garden only: 4€ / €2

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