La Nuit aux Invalides projections until 1st September 2018

La Nuit aux Invalides is a big show projected on the walls of the courtyard at Les Invalides near our hotels, and for their sixth season there’s some new stuff in store.

There’s a ‘gold’ ticket (you get to sit down!), you can visit the dome of the building afterwards, illuminated by 1,000 ‘candles’, and the courtyard itself has just been sandblasted, which should make the 4K images even crisper…
Spectacle La Nuit aux Invalides jusqu'au 1er septembre 2018
It’s the only show of its kind in Paris this summer – La Nuit aux Invalides is a 45-minute show with 4K projectors and surround sound telling a 35-chapter story set during the First World War.

You’ll see scenes from the the life of Martin, a child from the countryside exiled in Paris, as he discovers the birth of a new world…

You can also choose to finish the night with a visit of the dome of Les Invalides (where Napoleon’s tomb is) illuminated by “1,000 candles” (we’re guessing they’re the fake-flicker LED kind).

The show is on four nights a week – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – until 1st September, starting 10.30pm in July and 10pm in August and September.

And as it’s a little out of the ordinary, so are the prices – 20€ to stand, 25€ for a seat (although you can save 2€ per ticket if you book online in advance).

There’s also a family ticket for two adultes and three children… for 91€! We suggest you book online to get the slightly cheaper rate of 75€ instead.

If you don’t speak good French, headsets with the sound in English are available to rent for 5 euros.

Oh, and the visit of the dome after the show costs 8 euros extra per person.

Spectacle La Nuit aux Invalides jusqu'au 1er septembre 2018
photo: Luc Arden

La Nuit aux Invalides (here) is on from Wednesday-Saturday until 1st September 2018

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