A ‘Voyage in paleontology’ at the Austerlitz train station until 2nd September 2018

As a sweet little addition to the T. rex in Paris exhibition at the Jardin des Plantes, just minutes from the station (and not far from our hotels), the Gare d’Austerlitz has a free six-part installation / exhibition called Voyage en paléontologie (Voyage in paleontology), including a three-metre high 3D printed Triceratops!

photo: David Paquin

As you enter the station, you’ll probably notice a lifesize X-ray of a Carnotaurus on the façade, then once inside you’ll find an exhibition that attempts to arouse your curiosity and take you back in time.

It’s presented in six sections, spread thoughout the station:

– From one century to another: the gllery of Paleontology
– On a mission around the world
– Portraits from 150 million years ago
A T. rex in Paris, the exhibition
– A tour of the infinitely small, and
– Getting intimate with rocks and fossils

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The most impressive piece of all this may well be the 3-metre high Triceratops, made by a giant 3D printer belonging to a company called Metropole.

Forming it took 50 hours of printing, followed by 80 hours of painting and sculpting. The end result weighs over 130kg! Worth looking out for if you’re around… 😜

The Voyage en paléontologie exhibition is at the Gare d’Austerlitz (here) until 2nd September 2018


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