Formula E FIA Championship race at Invalides, 27th April 2019

Here’s a slightly crazy event for this weekend – not a Formula 1 but Formula E race with electric cars going as fast as 225km/h.

Tomorrow, the eighth race of the fifth season of the Formula E CHampionships is taking place in Paris, around Invalides, super close to our hotels!


This Saturday, 22 electric racing cars will be taking part in the 2019 Paris ePrix, with 49 circuits of a 1.93km track containing 14 bends, making a total of 94km.

The race starts at 4pm and there are no seats left along the racetrack to watch from close up, but there are many other ways you can follow the proceedings, either online or on TV – Facebook, Youtube, Eurosport, Canal+, C8… (details here).

Real fans can even watch the practice runs (which start around 7am 😳) or the qualifier rounds around 11.30am.

It looks like a thrilling event, and it’s not every day race cars whizz almost-silently through our beautiful city, so make sure you don’t miss it!

The 2019 Paris ePrix is at Invalides (here) 27th April at 4pm

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