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A daffodil to fight cancer on place du Panthéon, 10th-14th March 2020

Our neighbour the Curie Institute is starting its annual fundraising drive called Une jonquille contre le cancer (A daffodil to fight cancer).

It’s being launched on Place du Panthéon, with a ‘daffodil village’ where you can buy daffodil-related merch (and even real daffs) to show your solidarity, pedal a ‘solidarity bike’ supplied by Swiss Life (they’ll donate 1 euro for every kilometre you pedal) or simply donate cash…

It’s time to celebrate the first moments of the start of the beginning of spring (almost), and also help the fight against cancer.

If you go by the place du Panthéon this week (in front of the Hôtel les Dames du Panthéon and Hôtel des Grands Hommes) the ‘daffodil village’ presents a number of ways you can support the cause, including buying a daffodil-themed bit or merchandising from their boutique (which can also be consulted online here).

The village on place du Panthéon opens 10th March at 12.30pm, with some famous French faces who have agreed to sponsor the event. There might even be a mini-celebration to get the fund-raising drive going.

If you can’t get to to the Panthéon, other villages will be present at the Gare Saint-Lazare train station (until 14th March), and at La Défense (until 13th March).

And you can also donate without going anywhere at all! Just go to the web page here and give money via credit card. Simple! ?

Une jonquille contre le cancer sur la place du Panthéon du 10 au 14 mars 2020

Une jonquille contre le cancer is on place du Panthéon (here) from 10th – 14th March 2020

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BONUS! The film Radioactive about the life of Marie Curie is in cinemas 20th March 2020