Le Clos Belle Juliette Bar

12/20/2014 - Hôtel & Spa La Belle Juliette

Le Clos Belle Juliette bar is open, with a new menu of delicious food created by chef Flora Mikula. You’ll enjoy our new cocktails and selection of wine and champagne. You’ll also be able to sit in our leafy new terrace, perfect for a romantic rendezvous, friendly drink or business meeting.   Le Clos Belle Juliette is open […]

New rooms for La Belle Juliette

12/20/2014 - Hôtel & Spa La Belle Juliette

These rooms are in a brand new wing on the garden side, where Anne Gelbard has chosen to show Juliette’s modern, daring side, expressing how she loved supporting artists and encouraging anything avant-garde.

The Hotel Baume is open

10/09/2014 - Hôtel Baume

Try out the art deco chic of our new 4 star hotel, experience bustling Saint Germain and the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank.

Discover the Dames du Pantheon

02/04/2014 - Hôtel Les dames du Panthéon

The Hotel du Pantheon has decided to celebrate the great women of France, the ones who dared, the ones who loved, those with passion, those that decided their destiny – free, independent women.



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