Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival in Paris, October 7th, 8th, 9th 2005

Everybody comes to celebrate « Le Clos Montmartre » ; today the only real vineyard in Paris). All profits from the sale of this wine goes to help local charities.

‘ the annual ‘Fete des Vendanges’ will be in the street at its usual location on the north flank of the ‘Butte,’ at the vineyard at the corner of the rue des Saules and the rue Saint-Vincent, adjacent to the cabaret ‘Le Lapin Agile,’ a local honky-tonk, once owned by the cabaret entertainer, Aristide Bruant.

For the 70ème birthday of the vintage, Festival and the Social action Committee of the 18th district invites you to come to discover the vintage 2004 of the Montmartre Field: the vintage “Mistinguett”, in homage to the godmother of all the 1st grape harvest of the Montmartre Field, in 1934.

Montmartre Vineyards
Montmartre grape harvest Festival 2005

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