The Christmas decorations and the big department store window displays in Paris

Christmas is coming (had you noticed?), and Paris glows even brighter during the holiday period.

This year see a lot of recycling of last year’s decorations (both in the streets and on the big department stores). Lucky they were worth seeing twice!

Galeries Lafayettes

Le Printemps

As for the traditional Christmas window displays in the department stores (essentially Galeries Lafayette and Printemps), you can go straight past galleries Lafayette withouth looking: their displays are ugly, faded and have no magic to them (plus, they’re all sponsored by toy manaufacturers, with huge logos everywhere).
Go straight to Printemps where their displays are colourful, enchanting, imaginative… your children will see the difference straight away (kids are clever like that). The theme this year? Eccentric England!

For Adults

For children only

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