Le Vaudeville, a Parisian brasserie just next to the Stock Exchange

Le Vaudeville, a brasserie both chic and welcoming, part of the Brasseries Flo group.

First of all, here’s a tip; reserve before you go because even if a few tables are kept aside around 7pm, everything will be taken by 8pm.

The Vaudeville takes you back to the 1930s, the heyday of Art Deco. The staff and service are faultless, and even if they have to move very fast to keep up, everyone is ready with a smile.

We loved our meal there, and as we had already seen the list of delicious dessert, we decided to go without a starter and head straight for the main course. The menu does have a vegetarian platter, but we’re always dubious about vegetarian dishes cooked by non vegetarians, so we chose to eat

the tagliatelli with wild mushrooms (creamy and tasty)

, grilled cod with homemade mashed potatoes (a little salty, but very fresh)

and scallops (that our guest absolutely raved about).

The menu also has a selection of seafood platters and oysters (a lot of neighbours seems to take this option, and some platters were enormous!).

We arrived around 8pm, and within thirty minutes Le Vaudeville turned into a teeming hive of activity (expect to be served by two or three different people during the meal).

For dessert, we chose the “farandole” (a selection of mini-desserts which wasn’t exceptional), a special Vaudeville ice-cream (which didn’t manage to stay in its bowl for very long) and a succulent rum baba (which was so delicious that we didn’t even get time to take its photo!).

So you may have got the picture; we would recommend Le Vaudeville without hesitation. Expect to pay between sixty and hundred euros per person (but no regrets). And why not try some of the other Flo Brasseries (no, we are not sponsored by them), as they are always beautiful places for a good lunch or dinner.