Sapidus – flavour seller

Walking in the Batignolles area of Paris…

You have to be really curious and put your trust in faith to find Sapidus . This smart boutique is an Ali Baba’s cave for those who like their food. When you walk into the small shop, you won’t know what to check out first. Franck Guignochau and François Casini welcome you with a smile and tell you about their products, on sale in the shop, with a passion that shows that they love eating. Their basic idea is to allow small producers from all over France to be distributed, even if they produce small quantities. It is for this reason that Sapidus has very limited stocks of each product… A real effort has gone into the modern design and packaging, and the prices are not too high, despite the fact that the products are quite rare…

The Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche group has decided to offer some of Sapidus’ products to its customers… Perhaps you will be lucky enough to taste some olive pâté or an apple sweet with calvados during one of your stays at the Hotel Des Grands Hommes, Hotel du Pantheon, Hotel Jardin de l’Odéon, Eiffel Park Hotel, Residence Henri IV…<br />
With a varied and original choice of products, here’s a quick list that should make your mouth water:

Poppy chutney

Saffron jam

Canalés (traditional squishy cakes) with Armagnac or Armagnac babas

Foie gras, Potted duck

Rare spices

Specially flavoured hand-made lemonade



A large choice of wine

and more than 800 products on sale via their catalogue