Paris bees: a true love story! The pictures…

Hotels Paris Rive Gauche take pictures of their successful stars: the Eiffel Park Hotel bees…

The landing strip.

Ready to take off.

Rush hour

Come back from the flight.

Beehives on the Eiffel Park Hotel roof.

Our bees are workaholic.

Michèle and armand monitor the work.

Cells full of pollen.

Michèle and Armand are very careful.

New diversion of the pheromons

Plate full of honey.

Bees plunged greedily into the cells.

To check the state of the plate.

Production of the honey.

The queen!

Bees head in the cells.

Bees mother.

The best view on the Eiffel Tower.

Plate full of honey.

Cells sculpture made with bees wax

Propolis,natural antiseptic made by bees.

Wonderful view on the Eiffel Tower.

A new discovering, a royal cell, a new queen is coming…


Bees bunches

The “tapotage”, don’t hesitate to let us know the translation of this word in English!!!

Our beehives are surrounded by careful beekeepers.

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