"An Italian Summer", photographs exhibition in the Maison Européenne de la Photographie à Paris till October 15 2006.

Anna Rosa and Giovanni Cotroneo’s collection of pictures from the 1950s to the present includes both classic works and new talent.

The Gabriele Basilico exhibition gives us an insight into the career of an artist whose work is both classical and modern, and who deals with city architecture and Man’s place in the urban landscape. This theme also runs through Francesco Jodice’s work, a series of life-size photos of people doing everyday, stereotyped things in the heart of the city.
Finally, Patrizia Mussa’s ‘La Buona Ventura’, inspired by Caravaggio’s famous painting, includes portraits of Italians who have chosen Paris as a place to live and express their talent and ‘joie de vivre’.
The Spanish artist Angel Marcos invites us to Cuba: a tribute to the Latin dimension in our culture, always ready to offer Europe its particular sounds and colours.

A private history; Contemporary Italian Photography in the Anna Rosa and Giovanni Cotroneo:
21 June – 15 October 2006
This is an opportunity to discover a selection of photographs from the outstanding collection built up by Anna Rosa and Giovanni Cotroneo. Although they have worked with museums in the past, this is the first time that their collection has been shown in France. The exhibition also includes an interactive artwork by Alfredo Pirri.

Gabriele Basilico Photographs 1980-2005.
21 June – 15 October 2006
Gabriele Basilico trained as an architect and in 1975 began taking photographs of the urban landscape. When the streets are at their most deserted, he painstakingly studies the city and its suburbs, observing the city as if it were a living thing and laying bare its anatomy. His analysis goes far beyond the formal reproduction of ‘cityscapes’ and reveals the social and economic structure of the city.
The exhibition shows the most significant stages in his career and confirms the importance of his work as a reading of human territory.

Francesco Jodice, Crossing.
21 June – 10 September 2006
Francesco Jodice turned to photography after training as an architect. His work mainly looks at the interaction of individuals with urban space, where places are settings for those that use them and architecture influences behaviour. “Crossing” was specially made for the MEP. It is a series of life-size photos of ordinary people walking towards the photography unaware that they are being photographed.

Patricia Mussa, La Buona Ventura.
21 June – 10 September 2006
Patrizia Mussa’s photos were taken as part of an annual project entitled “Étranges Étrangers”/ “Strange Strangers”. In 2005, the MEP asked her to produce a series of pictures of Italians in Paris.

Angel Marcos, A Cuba.
21 June – 10 September 2006
History has many stories of vanished cities: cities that have been buried, swallowed up or destroyed. There are fewer accounts of sleeping cities, frozen in time and gradually fading away. Havana is one such city, and it took a photographer who is both artist and archaeologist to capture its fascinating paralysis on film. Ángel Marcos’s large format photos force us to look at every detail, showing the singular insularity of a country where time seems to have stood still and from which History itself seems strangely absent.


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