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A walk around Paris to see the architecture of Hector Guimard

Why not try the Lalique exhibition to get a taste of Art Nouveau Paris?

Every big European city has had its Art Nouveau architect, and each of these architects has left his own special mark. Barcelona is famous for Antonio Gaudi, Bruxelles had Victor Horta and Paris’ Art Nouveau star was Hector Guimard.

Unfortunately, at one point Art Nouveau fell out of fashion to the point of being considered ugly and outmoded, and many extremely beautiful buildings became the victims of speculators who had them destroyed. Even though some of Guimard’s work is lost forever, there are still some spectacular examples to be seen, especially in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

We took advantage of the good weather and walked around this area and marvel at the whimsy and beauty of this very particular architecture…

So here are a few photos and a description of the route we took. Even if we point out what we feel to be the most spectacular buildings, the walk will also show you many other great buildings, as many streets in this part of the city have been spared, giving a taste of what Paris looked like nearly a hundred years ago…

You can see that the Guimard style developed a lot over the years, becoming progressively less fanciful.

Le Castel Beranger, 14 rue La Fontaine :

A set of buildings at 8-10 rue Agar, 17-18 rue La Fontaine:

The Hôtel Mezza (that we were lucky enough to visit), 60 rue La Fontaine:

La Villa Flore et l’Hôtel Guimard, 122 avenue Mozart :

Hôtel Deron-Levent, 8 Villa Réunion :

Villa Jassède, 41 rue Chardon Lagache :

And finally, the very impressive Jassède building, 142 avenue de Versailles:

Photos credits : JasonW

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