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Honey harvest at the Eiffel Park Hotel – 13th September

The date has finally been fixed : at 10.30am on Thursday 13th September we’ll be donning our protective costume and seeing how hard our bees have worked this year!

The weather hasn’t been brilliant this year, but after a wet and cold start, we think there’s a good chance that the bees on the roof of the Eiffel Park Hotel have been very busy, and that the harvest will be good.

The racks from the hives will have to be lowered down from the roof. Then, in the breakfast room, we’ll be combing off the wax before spinning the honey out with the help of a special centrifuge. Later, the honey will be put in pots and eventually served to guests at the hotel!

Last year’s had a slightly minty taste (!), but each year the flowers available are different. We’ll be telling you shortly how this year’s crop shapes up.

Guests of the hotel are welcome to come up to the roof on 13th September and see how it’s all done. Or even if you’re not staying at the hotel, feel free to stop by.