Eurostar Paris-London record broken

Another reason to make Paris your base when visiting Europe!

A few years back it would have taken you nearly three hours to get from Paris to London by train, and about the same to get from Paris to Brussels. However, heavy investment in the railway system has paid off; journey time to Brussels is alreday down to an amazing 85 minutes, and thanks to a new stretch of high-speed line in England (where the train used to be painfully slow), journey time to London will soon be just over 2 hours!

Indeed, the record journey time was broken yesterday, as a Eurostar train made the journey in 2 hours and three minutes!

Source say that even the 2 hour barrier would have been broken, but subsidence in northern France (supposedly due to World War I trenches!) slowed things down.

In any case, Paris is now an even better choice for your base in Europe. A day-trip to London or Brussels is perfectly possible, and fast trains can even get you to Marseilles in just three hours!

This is partly why I love living in Paris; with airport security now long and tiresome, Paris is really handy for getting more or less anywhere by train with the minimum amount of hassle…