Don’t miss the restored hall of mirrors at Versailles

As if the Palace of Louis XIV wasn’t impressive enough already, the hall of mirrors has just been given a major – spectacular – facelift.

A few figures:

– three years of restoration
– 357 mirrors
– 1,000 m2 of paintings
– total cost: 12M€ ($16.4M)

The hall of mirrors is a designated Unesco world heritage site, and now that’s it’s all shiny there’s no excuse for not going to see it. You’ll probably need a day to go round the building and see the extensive gardens…

Also, from 20th November 2007 – 9th March 2008, the hall of mirrors will be transformed by famous interior decorator Jacques Garcia. He’ll be recreating the grand feasts held by Louis XIV. Should be opulent stuff. More on that soon…

More details on the restoration of the hall of mirrors here, including some amazing 360° panoramic shots. Official Versailles site here.
Photo credit: (c) Hamza Hydri