Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Pompidou Centre

The first major retrospective of her work since 1995…

(c) photo : Peter Bellamy

Louise Bourgeois has lived in New York since 1938 (she’s now 96 years old), but she was born in Paris and France is her spiritual home. Known for for her “cells” and more recently for her giant spider sculptures, one of which recently graced the forecourt of the Tate Modern, she is considered one of the major artists of the 20th Century.

The exhibition will show over 100 pieces (sculptures, paintings, drawings, etchings) spread over two floors, with a chronological display from 1940 to 2005 on the 6th floor (giving special attention to her last ten years of activity), followed by a more “intimate” selection on the 4th floor. The exhibition is bound to be one of the bigger artistic events of the Spring here in Paris.

By the way, this is my favourite photo of her, a little cheeky, taken by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Here’s all the essential information for the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris

When: 5th March – 2nd June 2008
Where: Pompidou Centre, place Georges Pompidou, Paris 4th arrondissement. Métro Rambuteau (line 11), Hôtel de Ville (lines 1 & 11), Châtelet (practically every line). Bus n°s 21 / 29 / 38 / 47 / 58 / 69 / 70 / 72 / 74 / 75 / 76 / 81 / 85 / 96
Opening hours: open every day except Tuesdays and 1st May, 11am – 9pm, late opening Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays until 11pm for certain exhibitions (check site for details)
Admission price: 12 euros for adults, free for under 18s. 18-25 year olds go free on Wednesday evening from 6pm – 9pm
Wikipedia page for Louise Bourgeois: here

Bigger map here

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