Paris Plage 2009 – part of Paris becomes a beach
from 20th July – 20th August

It’s the most emblematic event of the Parisian summer: the expressways along the side of the Seine between the Tuileries gardens and the Pont de Sully are shut off to traffic for a whole month and 1,800 tons of sand are added! And 50-odd palm tress! And a lot more (deckchairs, water fountains, cafés…)! And there’s the same thing on the Bassin de la Villette too!

Now all we need is some summer sun! Here’s all the details…

photo by Bookenligne used under cc licence

After seven years, there’s some new stuff promised for this year’s Paris Plage.

Firstly, the beach huts have been changed for newer, more sturdy modern versions.

Next, a wave of colour will be passing through the event: out goes the old white and blue (apart from the beach areas) and in comes 8 different colours, one for each rest area along the Seine. The furniture’s been updated too!

Also, the free Fnac Indétendances music festival will be held just in front of the Hôtel de Ville this year with free concerts from 24th July to 15th August. ON stage you’ll be able to see: Amadou & Mariam, Naïve New Beaters, The Bewitched Hands On The Top of Our Heads, La Rue Ketanou, Cirkus (with Neneh Cherry), Peter von Poehl, Piers Faccini, Joseph Arthur, Fujiya & Miyagi, Flow, La Ruda, Krystle Warren, Chinese Man, La Casa, Karimouche…

photo de riverac utilisée sous licence cc
photo by riverac under cc licence

And at the Bassin de la Villette it’s their third year now, and things are starting to shape up nicely. As well as the old favourites – the pedal boats for kids – this year sees the arrival of inflatable balls that you can get inside, allowing you to walk on water like some sort of aquatic hamster!

And of course the two sites still have activities for kids, dancing lessons, drinks stands, fontains, pétanque

For the full programme of events for Paris Plage 2009, check out the official Paris Summer Site (you’ll need basic French):

There’s more information abotu the music festival here (in French too):

And to check to see whether it’s going to be scorching or pouring down, our preferred weather site for Paris is!!!

photo de .KeO. utilisée sous licence cc
photo by .KeO. under cc licence