The ‘Paris Fair’ (Foire de Paris), a huge lifestyle show from 29th April – 9th May 2010

It’s one of the most popular shows open to the public of the entire year, filling up almost all the halls of the enormous porte de Versailles exhibition space with a zest interior deco, a touch of ecology and – this year – a light tropical breeze! Wonder what we mean? Here’s the details…

photo of the Foire de Paris by "François @", used under cc licence

In the past few years the Foire de Paris, sometimes considered a little naff in the Internet era, has done its best to try and catch up with the times to become the city’s premium show of shows: there’s practically nothing you can’t find there!…

Construction and renovation. 16,000 m² and 150 exhibitors: Construction – Real Estate – Building materials / insulation – Interior & exterior woodwork – Wall coverings and decoration – Security and protection – Professional advice

Kitchen, Bathroom and Domestic appliances. 22,000 m² and 180 exhibitors: Fitted kitchens – Bathrooms – Large appliances – Small appliances

New energies and comfort. 11,300 m² and 90 exhibitors: Tradtitional heating – Thermic solar panels – Photovoltaic solar panels – Windpower – Air conditioning – Water treatment – Geothermic energy

Gardens. 15,300 m² and 120 exhibitors: Garden furniture – Exterior deco, balconies, terraces – Outdoor equipment – House extensions (verandas, etc.) – Barbecues – Garden trimmers and lawn mowers – Garden preparation and upkeep – Plants

Furniture and decoration. 40,000 m² and 300 exhibitors!: Furniture – Living room solutions – Storage solutions – Bedding – Lighting – Home fabrics – Art galleries – Rugs and carpets – Tableware – Decorative items

Image & sound: Image (screens, cameras, home cinema, video…) – Sound (hi-fi and musical instruments) – Mobile devices – Home fitting solutions

…plus everything you need for the swimming pool, your chimney and – wait – there’s more…

There’s the well-being and relaxation section spread over 13,000 m² called (oh dear) “Woman’s World“, 12,000 m² for DIY and over 4,000 m² just for camping-related stuff! Add to all that four other areas devoted to cultures from around the world, wine, gastronomy, crafts, 55 shows, late)night opening on Friday 7th May until 11.30pm, inventions (and the ‘Lépine’ inventions prize), workshops, kids areas… You get the picture: you’ll have a hard time getting round it all.

Let’s hope that there is not only quantity but also quality. In any case, there’s nothing else in Paris quite like it!

You’ll find a lot more information (in French) on the official site:

And if you want to have a look at some of the official videos of the event, have a look here! (below for example you can see our mayor, Betrand Delanoë, opening the 2009 edition).