La Belle Juliette takes shape –
opening 31st December 2010

The blog’s back tomorrow. Today, we give you a whole host of photos of La Belle Juliette, opening 31st December 2010…

photos: JasonW

The photo above is of some graphic wallpaper in the rooms’ toilets. Each room has a different bold design that’ll surprise you when you open the door. Below, a hand-painted fresco, various versions of which are to be found on the floor of the hotel inspired by Italy, where Juliette retreated to at one point. It is supposed to evoke the mists of the Italian countryside (an artist’s impression!).
We’ve also just removed the protective covering from the main staircase. It’s been in place since the very beginning – since July 2009 – so taking it off is a definite sign that we’re into the home stretch!…And the sign is finally in place too! Four stars and a swan for Juliette that look rather nice on our freshly cleaned facade… Go to for more info and online booking!