Hand-blown christmas decorations (and more) from the National Glass Art Centre at Palais-Royal
until 15th January 2011

Based in Meisenthal just a few miles from France’s border with Germany, the Centre International d’Art Verrier (CIAV) is keeping a French tradition of glass-blowing alive, and this year our Ministry of Culture is lending its twelve window displays so they can show off the wonders they produce.

Makes a change from hyper-coloured department store displays, and just as fascinating…

Crédits : Didier Plowy / MCC

The glass factory at Meisenthal dates from 1704 and is considered to be the birthplace of Art Nouveau glasswork. After finally closing in 1969, the building reopened in 1992 to become le Centre International d’Art Verrier with exhibitions and demonstrations open to the public. For Xmas each year they manufacture some very special tree decorations (all hand blown) but also let designers create a contemporary version. This year’s is by Mendel Heit and goes by the name of Cumulus.

This year their hard work has been recognised by the Ministry of Culture. The centre has delivered a special order of decorations for their traditional Xmas tree and is having a mini-exhibition in the window displays of the Ministry. Over twenty artists’ work is on show. Something different for the holidays!

And even if you can’t understand the French spoken in these little films, you can still sense the love these people put into their art. Beautiful stuff.

Crédits : Didier Plowy / MCC

The window displays can be seen until 15th January 2011 dans at the ministère de la Culture et de la Communication in Palais Royal, and in the Galerie de Valois (here). Free.