The Paris (International) Agriculture Fair
from 19th – 27th February 2011

3,500 animals, free grub ‘n’ booze on 1,000 stands… and 650,000 visitors. It’s ginormous! Here’s what to expect.

Photo de Ted Van Pelt used under cc licence

For the last few years the Agriculture Fair (or Salon International de l’Agriculture, if you please) has been promoting itself as the world great green hope, despite the fact that we know how inefficient animal farming is, and that way too many pesticides are used in agriculture. This year is no exception. You’ll see green everywhere – in the logo (the press pack boasts of it even), on the official site, and the ads cobbled together to promote the event…

Apart from rampant greenwashing, expect to see three new ‘villages’ (one for green tourism, another for beauty and fashion, and a third about building), and 6 pavilions about cultivating livestock & fruit ‘n’ veg, gardening for we mortals, pets (?), and.. and.. YES ! Delicious food and drink not only from France bu around the world. Everyone knows that the Agriculture Fair is a big meal ticker (with a wine chaser) so make the most of it!

Photo by Geoff R used under cc licence

The Salon de l’Agriculture is at Porte de Versailles (here) from 19th – 27th February 2011.

Open every day from 9am – 7pm. Late night on Friday 25th February until 11pm (that’s going to be a very long dinner).

Admission: 12€ / 6€.

Official site: (look for the button on the right to choose the English version)

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